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A little in advance of the holiday in case someone can take a hint!


To the realtors that leave flags on our lawn every Independence Day:

Thank you very much for your kind gift of an American flag stuck into our lawn this weekend (just like every year at this time). But with all due respect – CUT IT OUT!

I love my country as much as any American, but consider your “gifts” to be in extremely bad taste. Here’s why;

1. First and foremost, I do not consider it acceptable in the least to use the American flag for advertising purposes. Since your name and phone number are attached to the flag, along with the fact you are a realtor, so there is no escaping that this is advertising.

According to the US flag code:

Any person who, within the District of Columbia, in any manner, for exhibition or display, shall place or cause to be placed any word, figure, mark, picture…

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What’s happening in school?

Since we have been on summer break since the beginning of May, I’ve obviously not had any classes, but a few matters are moving along for next semester.

I did receive an MSW Scholarship for next year! I’m not sure how selective the scholarships are (two of my classmates also received it) I’m proud of myself for getting it and grateful for the assistance.

My internship for next year has not yet officially been decided, but I have received a strong hint from the most reliable source available that it will be at the senior program I expected. The official notification is waiting for my advisor to receive all of the proper paperwork and apparently an initial assignment for class that are all sent at the same time.

I have also agreed to be part of the leadership of our academic center caucus for the next year. I was a bit wary of doing this, as I didn’t want to over-commit to that kind of thing at the expense of study time, but I really like the classmates who I will be working for, and it sounds like it could be fun. There are also a few practical perks, but they aren’t big enough to be persuasive.

It should be an interesting summer and a great year!

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RIP R.J. Phillips, special dad

I’ve not posted much over the past few weeks for a number of reasons, most recently because the most important news was too tender to share in any depth. On May 31st, surrounded by family, my dad finally lost his battle to the combination of illnesses that had kept him in the hospital since February.

Our dads are always special to us in ways others wouldn’t see, but I’d like to believe the turnout at his service, which included people from his career (structural engineering), the church (where he had been an important member of the choir since I was very little, and in leadership positions in the vestry for almost as long), and even some friends from his youth, such as my godfather, showed that Dad was special to a lot more than just my immediate family.

I’ll miss him more than words can say…