Stepping into the world of Social Work


I’m a 40- something woman living in Lake Balboa, California (part of the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles) with my husband, two cats, and two dogs.  

I work at a non-profit as a job coach with developmentally disabled adults, my specific job is supporting individuals who have been placed in jobs - a "Job Coach" or "Job Mentor." I've been in this field for a long time; unfortunately  enough to become rather cynical about the way things work.  
Reseda, California, a section of the San Ferna...

Reseda, California, a section of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, California, facing east on Sherman Way. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

During a period out of work (the winter of '10=11) , I decided I needed to make a more forceful move towards my future, so with my husband's strong encouragement I applied to graduate school in social work. I am happy to say I was accepted at 2 of the 3 I applied at, and chose USC, a nationally recognized program. The program begins in earnest in mid August, 2011. 
My hope with this blog, in addition to some occasional venting, is to give some courage to others who might also be afraid to go back to school. 
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  1. Chad Clippingdale September 1, 2011 at 1:09 pm

    Hi Kep,

    Thanks for checking out my blog, somethimes I forget that it’s online and that people can read it.

    I read some of your blog and I totally agree with you about the cynicism that comes from working in the field of supporting people who experience developmental disabilities.

    Sometimes it seems like there is a direct positive correlation between time spent in the field and amount of cynicism. One of the resons I write my blog is to combat that within myself and others.

    Anyway, congratulations on getting into USC and good luck with the social work progam.


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