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Lucy, you’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do!

I haven’t introduced them formally, but Hubby and I are the “parents” of four furry critters – two dogs and two cats. All but one are shelter rescues from local city shelters.

Lucy is our  smallest, a small grey and white kitty girl around 3 years old. We adopted her from the East Valley animal shelter 2 years ago. She is a loving girl, but not a lap cat, and has plenty of catitude to spare. She gets along well with the dogs but not our other cat, interestingly.  She and our other cat are allowed to go outdoors, not because we want it that way, but because our dogs use a doggy door and the cats always figure it out.

She does have a tendency to disappear for a while if she’s mad at something or has a squabble with Leo (our other cat) but she does typically come back when it’s time to eat.  She usually insists on some attention in the morning while I’m on the computer, and in the evening she’ll ask for her “kitty drugs.”

Sunday morning, I noticed she hadn’t come in for her usual breakfast and loving, but I figured she would be in later. I started to get worried Sunday night and Monday. Tuesday I walked around the neighborhood but didn’t see Lucy.  In hindsight, I did notice the house we found her on,  but there were people in the front yard that probably made Lucy hide.

This evening, DH suggested we take a walk around the block to see if we find her. I called while we walked about a block, to the area that approximately shares back fences with our house (an easy visit for a kitty). Gary points to the roof of a two story house – there, indeed, is our little girl.

Lucy was clearly glad to see us, meowing so loudly even I could hear her. We tried for a few minutes to coax her down on her own power, but realized she might be feeling a little weak if she hadn’t eaten since Saturday. A kind neighbor had a ladder, but she wouldn’t come to the neighbor or even to Gary. I finally climbed up, and with the help of kitty treats, grabbed her and c a r e f u l l y climbed down the ladder. I held on to her for dear life as we walked home, where Miss Catitude proceeded to eat an entire bowl of cat food and yell at me periodically.

So how do you ground a 3 year old with claws? And why is Leo (the other cat) looking annoyed and a little guilty?

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