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Back to school …

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Classes have been in session for two weeks, and it has been a great experience so far. I’ll repeat what I said when I first looked at a syllabus for one of my classes – “This ain’t no junior college class!” As Hubby put it, “It better not be!” This is graduate school at the University of Southern California.

The focus this semester, possibly this entire year, appears to be on theory. Theories regarding community and human behavior are foremost among them. I’m sure I’ll be firmly grounded in all of it (both macro and micro) before I arrive at my first internship.

I’ve got papers to write for two and three weeks from now, informal presentations to do with small groups, and a lot of reading. I mean pages and pages, chapters and chapters upon chapters. Not only are there readings from the official textbooks, but the professors also have articles chosen and made available to us through the library or “course readers” to supplement the text.

The instructors are both older professionals with decades of experience. Our Policy professor, Ralph Fertig, was part of a great number of the civil rights events of the last century, including participating as a Freedom Rider. He even has a current Supreme Court case going on at an age most men would be resting on their laurels.

I very much like the Skirball Cultural Center setting for our classes -very convenient, and being a cohesive cohort where we get to know one another is helpful to me. I’ve already got many of my classmates phone numbers in my phone, and naturally we’re all connected on Facebook already. And I have to say the Skirball staff are wonderful hosts.

In other news:

My student loans finally came through (there was a delay due to an error in my expected class load; somehow my paperwork had me full time, when I am part time) but the very kind folks at the FAO fixed that for me fairly painlessly.

Miss Lucy has ended up on the roof of the same neighbor’s house twice more since my last post about her. I thought cats were supposed to be pretty smart!

Well, I better start doing my classwork rather than writing about it!

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