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It’s a little more than halfway through the semester, and I realized Ihadn’t written much about my classes recently. Probably not surprising since I’ve been busy writing papers (with the occasional diversion into writing about birth control insurance coverage and Limbaugh’s idiocy).

I have received one paper back, with an excellent grade. This paper was a group effort, with 6 other classmates coming together to write it. The assignment was to choose an issue or law that the NASW has taken a stand on, and the first paper was to be pretty much background.

Our group chose federal legislation ending some funding for abstinence only sex education and moving the funds to a program for comprehensive sex education. Basically, what this means is that some federal funds had been earmarked for sex education programs that would only teach the values of abstinence until marriage, and not about those measures that can be taken to prevent pregnancy or infection. We as a group agree with the National Association of Social Workers that evidence and social work values support comprehensive sex ed.

Our next paper will also be a group project, in which we engage in advocacy on the above issue. Our group has decided our advocacy will be submitting an editorial to some publication on the issue. We have not yet determined which one we will choose.

Our midterm on The Namesake was due a little more than a week ago, that was probably the most challenging task up to this point. Examining a fictional character according to a variety of developmental and psychological theories is interesting but challenging. I believe the biggest issue came from the distinctions within the exam itself. It carefully delineated which theories we could use for each question, but for at least one question none of the obvious theories really fit the situation.

Another paper I had to have in last week was an article review, also done in partnership with a classmate. We chose an article about “Women in the Middle” – middle aged women who are caring for two generations – their children and their aging parents. This paper, and the presentation we will give next week, was much shorter and thus not as difficult as the midterm, and with two of us we were able to move it along fairly well.

Coming up after the break: the final exam for Behavior, in which we interview an acquaintance over 70 years old, then apply what we have learned to that person’s life story.

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