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First impressions of new classes

At the end of my first week of classes this semester, I’m very positive about how things will go this semester.

So far, I’m very impressed with the instructors we have for this term and what we will be learning and doing in each course. I think I wrote a bit about what I could glean from syllabi last week, and that is pretty much all accurate. I was also very pleased to learn that we will indeed be having a take-home midterm instead of in-class.

While the instructors are not permitted to release too much information about each assignment ahead of time, our Behavior instructor did tell us that the midterm will deal with a novel, The Namesake, allowing us to buy and read the book before the assignment is distributed. It is a delightful novel about a Bengali immigrant family in the US, revolving mostly around their son. I’m not anticipating any difficulty with that assignment or any others in Behavior.

I’m a little less sure of what will be going on in the other class, which will be requiring us as individuals and small groups to develop advocacy plans for particular policies.

As far as I can tell, the worst traffic jam of the workload will be at the end of February, early March, with an assignment or two due along with the midterm. But I’ll get through!


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