Stepping into the world of Social Work

Assignments and validation!

I have been so busy with writing papers and readings for class that I’ve not spent a lot of time posting about it. I guess that’s for the best!

I’ve completed two papers so far and received one back.

The first, the longer one, was a description of the community we visited for our immersion in August – Venice, California. The paper required that we gather various information about Venice as a community and describe its strengths and challenges. I have to say that paper was a real challenge and by the due date I was simply happy to have something to turn in! The biggest challenge was providing all of the information in a format that could be cited rather than stating facts I simply knew.

I am very happy to say I got a good grade on the paper, which really helped me feel better. I needed a grade about now, particularly a good one, to help me remember I belong here in graduate school. My wonderful, supportive hubby says he has been sure of it all along, but I’ll need occasional help with that concept.

The other paper was an analysis/critique of an article (I had a choice among 3 or 4 articles from the early syllabus readings). It was far less challenging, being a shorter paper and a more narrow focus. I chose an article that discussed the living conditions of children born to unmarried Mexican immigrants. I’m expecting to get that paper back on Wednesday.

We also received our next assignment, due in a few weeks, for another long policy paper. This one will require me to look closely into one of a number of policies (I think I’ll choose the Americans with Disabilities Act). As I was telling dear Hubby, I think I might enjoy that one!

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