Stepping into the world of Social Work

You know you’re a job coach if:

Here is something I wrote some time back as a joke among co-workers.

You know you’re a job coach if:

1. You’ve attended the new-employee orientation for a company multiple times but never received a paycheck from them

2. You refer to particular stores as “Mark’s Target” or “Anita’s Ralphs.”

3. If doing business at a store where you have clients, you make sure you’re not buying anything “sensitive” – feminine hygiene, underclothing, alcohol (or you go out of your way to visit a different store where you don’t have clients)

4. You have to resist the urge to “coach” your courtesy clerk when shopping for your own groceries (you’ve been a job coach too long if you DON’T resist)

5. You can state distances between various local retail centers/malls from memory

6. You know  lunch/coffee options on any given route off hand

7. You visit a restaurant and note how nicely the silverware is rolled

8. You know how to do paperwork in some interesting positions – leaning against walls, check stands, etc.

9. You see an advertisement on television and immediately think of how the promotion will affect your clients

10. You have a Bachelors Degree and years of experience but make less money than at least one of your clients

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