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Today has been an insurance day.

Yesterday on my way home from work, I was rear ended rather severely in an accident that ended up involving at least 4 cars possibly more. My own car is clearly totaled; we had it towed to a convenient storage yard so the insurance company can get to it easily. The big problem for me is that while I was able to get pretty much all of my valuable property out of my car before it was towed away (Hubby came to the scene to help) I was not able to find my hearing aid, which had fallen out of my ear in the force of the accident. So I’ve been trying to get permission to get to my car and have the driver side door pried open to find it.

To complicate things, it appears that the person at fault in the accident may have given the police false insurance information. We were told she was covered by the same carrier I have, but they are telling me there is a “problem” and we will likely have to use the uninsured aspects of our policy in order to recoup this loss. Among other things, that means no rental car.

I’m trying to remind myself that the really important issue here is that I was not seriously insured. Bumped and bruised, achy and sore, but nothing broken or seriously hurt.

It was also nice to see how kind the bystanders and witnesses were, and the general politeness of those involved. A bystander bought me a bottle of water, and there was no yelling, no cursing, even with all of the inconvenience.

Beyond that, I also had to call my medical insurance company to discuss details of a bill for my cataract surgery (unfortunately, the bill was correct), and I learned that my ongoing battle to get activated on my vision insurance was finally won. Unfortunately, the solution they suggested for me to get reimbursed will not work, so we’re going to try another solution. 🙂

I think I’ve had enough of insurance companies for a while! But I know I won’t get a break. Not only will we have to go through the whole process with the car, but I’ll be changing insurance due to my new job and starting at USC.

Sheesh… can we please finally get single payer, pretty please?

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