Stepping into the world of Social Work


There’s not much going on for me on any front – MSW program starts in mid-August, my job is proceeding normally Since I’m in the 3 year program for my MSW, I won’t be doing a field placement until next year, so I don’t have that detail to arrange (unlike some of my classmates). So what do I do – borrow trouble!

Since I’ve got the time, I’ve been looking far more carefully at the materials available on the USC Social Work department website. There’s a wealth of information there that I’m a little embarrassed that I didn’t look at before applying. But… maybe that’s a good thing because it might have scared me away.

What I’ve been looking at most recently is the documentation for the field placements. Not only does it look scary just to look at all the process forms I’ll be filling out, but the materials intended for the agencies actually state outright that new interns are likely to go through a pretty predictable set of emotions as they gain competence. Good to know I won’t be the only one feeling scared, nervous, and self conscious.

I did note that there was mention of tape recording (I assume when the intern is conducting therapy) and that troubles me. I cannot stand the sound of my voice on tape! I guess I’ll deal with that when the time comes, though.

I have to admit, it has been great, over the past week or so, to connect via Facebook with my future classmates. I may not get to know many of them very well, or even at all, but having that virtual connection will be great.

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