Stepping into the world of Social Work

First few days at new employer

I have now been working for my new employer 3 days, and I think it’ll work out OK.

I’ve been given a roster of 9 clients to see, with the good news being that they are only at 3 different locations! Not a lot of driving if I can plan it correctly.

The paperwork is slightly different from my previous employer, but only trivially so. Timesheets are timesheets, after all, and pretty much every agency that serves the disabled uses the same or similar forms to collect and report billing information. Agencies that are are vendors to the same regional centers and divisions of department of rehab will also typically end up using very similar forms to collect case notes and performance/behavior/progress documentation.

This morning was mostly spent at a home improvement store trying to figure out their computer training system. My clients that work there are subject to the same safety, ethics, etc. training requirements as their non-disabled co-workers, but they can sometimes find the test format on the computer a bit frightening. So job coaches typically give whatever level of assistance the client requires, from simply helping them get into the program and then taking a back seat to reading the material to them and helping them through the quiz at the end.

In this case, it was TOUGH! The job developer for my agency was there (training me) and both of us had problems getting through a particular test. The problem, in our opinion, was that there were in a couple of cases 2 answers that were nearly correct and it was a challenge to catch whatever was the difference. [sigh]

In other news, my eye is doing very well, I was instructed to stop using the antibiotic eye drops (but continue using the others) and given an appointment where I’ll finally get new glasses that go with this improved eye. I’m looking forward to that immensely!

Not much going on for the grad school front. There’s a welcome reception in a couple of weeks that I will certainly go to. It appears to be a Saturday brunch, which sounds great.

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