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Eye and MSW program update

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It has been an interesting couple of days!

Yesterday, I had cataract surgery on my right eye. After a rather uncomfortable day and night, everything seems to be fine!

The procedure itself went very well and was not stressful at all. At the surgery center, an LVN checked me in and put tons of drops in my eyes for dilation and numbing, as well as antibiotics. After having an IV started and other things connected to me, I was wheeled in to the operating room. They gave me oxygen and (though I didn’t notice them doing it) a sedative. The next thing I know, they’re almost done.  I’m wheeled back into the area they prepped me, fed an English muffin and coffee (yay! I was starving by that time)  and was walking out the door within two hours of my start time. My eye was heavily bandaged and shielded and I was told to leave that on until I saw the doctor again first thing the next morning.

The discomfort came from a couple of situations. First, the shield and bandage they put on doesn’t really accommodate eyeglasses very well. So I spent the day having a really hard time watching TV or using the computer. Since I can crochet and read without glasses, I spent quite a bit of time doing those things.

Then, towards dinner, as the local anesthetics started to wear off, I started to feel like I had an eyelash in my eye. I took Tylenol as directed, which let me go to sleep. Around 2AM I woke up with that feeling even worse, so I loosened the bandage to check my eye and see if there was anything I could do. The eye looked fine (not even red!) so I took another dose of Tylenol and tried to go back to sleep.

The doctor checked me out and took off the bandage/shield today, told me I have a slight abrasion on my eye (probably from the eye working its way open under the bandage) and that would heal itself (or at least stop causing discomfort) within about 48 hours. Everything else checked out very well! I’ve got another appointment for a week from today, another eye drop prescription to pick up, and instructions to use all three dye drops 4 times a day until I run out.

In an interesting set of circumstances, I also got a call from the last of the three MSW programs I applied to, offering me admission! While I’m 99% likely to decline, it is a shot to my ego that I was at least accepted by 2 of the three schools I applied to.

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