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New Job and surgery next week

Before Cataract Surgery

Image by mmahaffie via Flickr

It seems like the things that have been troubling me are gradually taking care of themselves.

My cataract surgery (I know I’m a little young at 47, but it happens, I guess… nobody seemed all that surprised) is next Wednesday. I went to get final medical clearance and the lab work on Thursday. All I need to do now is put in some eye drops twice a day starting tomorrow for the three days before the surgery and show up Wednesday morning.  As you can imagine, I’m nervous, but looking forward to the improvement in my vision.

I’ve also finally been hired for a new job! I’ll be back to job coaching, which is what I did up until November, at an agency very much like where I worked before.  A little less money, but that’s OK – not having to deal with a particularly nasty supervisor at my previous employer is worth any amount of money! I start June 1, I thought that was long enough after the surgery that I’d be OK but still short enough time that it didn’t inconvenience the employer.

Now to get Hubby working again – he is also now unemployed. But he’ll be back on his feet shortly, I know him. He’s the type who would even deliver pizza in order to pay the bills.

No major news brewing about starting grad school. Interestingly enough, I still haven’t heard from the last of the three I applied to! Funny, since they are the one NOT nationally ranked by anyone, so they should be trying very hard to get decisions in early to catch the good ones.

I have found the syllabi for previous terms for the courses I’ll be taking in the fall, and it’s obvious that I’ll be working very hard! But I welcome an intellectual challenge at this point…. it has been a very boring 6 months out of work.

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