Stepping into the world of Social Work

Random thoughts including financial aid

I got my financial aid information this week – I’ve been approved for enough loans, at least, to get through the first year. USC is expensive!

Part of the problem will be that my first year will be part time, so I’m not eligible for some financial aid I would be as a full time student. But then again, I’d have to work, and the idea of full time school plus work sounds impossible.

One option I will be looking into for my second year (if I’m eligible) is a grant/stipend program that will give me something along the lines of $18,000 a year with a commitment to work for a county or state agency in a couple of areas for a year or two for each year of support they gave me. That’s fine with me, as I can see myself working for one of these agencies anyway.

Interestingly,  I have yet to hear from CSUN officially about my status, even at this late date. A quick look at gradcafe shows me that at someone else has been called back for a SECOND interview (note: CSUN was the only one that interviewed, despite being a lower tier school than UCLA or USC). I suspect I’m one of those they’re waiting on in case some of their others decline. I think if they call me to offer me another interview, I’ll decline anyway.

I’m spending a lot of time trying to gear myself up for the fall – it’s a scary thing I’ve gotten myself into.  A lot of work, a major commitment of time and money. But I know it will be worth it.

I’m also spending some time thinking about what concentration I’ll choose. I have some strong connection to medical, mental health, and child and family social work. I think I could be comfortable in any of the areas, so it’s a matter of where I’d be happiest, and to some degree which has a better outlook.

I printed out the brochures on each specialty at the National Association of Social Workers Web site, and it appears the outlook is very similar for each.  None of them is collapsing while others will be growing.

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